3DS 5.0.0-11 released

new 3DS update out
Pages will be updated frequently  about info on carts. main carts covered already though

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RE-Digitze ASM #1 competed

if people haven’t checked out the Digimon Translation 1 blog now’s the time
some big progress has been made as a major hurdle has been solved as now the team can insert ASM changes 😀

heres a sneak at one of the changes but go to the blog to see more

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Europe Direct full of good news

1) Luigi’s Mansion 2 scheduled for a 28th March release in Europe.
2) Mario And Luigi 4 announced. Releasing in Retail and Digital Summer 2013
3) A new entry into the Mario Golf series. Mario Golf World Tour, Releasing Summer 2013
4) New downloadable content for Wii U New Super Luigi U – Releasing somepoint this year.
5) Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will have Wii U and 3DS XL Bundles on release and the 3DS XL, Circle Pad Pro releases alongside it.
6) Castlevania Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate was shown off with a set release date for 8th March 2013, More story about the blood between the Belmonts and Dracula is revealed in this title, releases eShop and retail.
7) Fire Emblem – Awakening releases April 19th 2013 in Europe on the eShop and Retail, Fire Emblem Limited Edition coming out aswell.
8) Etrian Odyssey IV Legends of the Titan coming to Europe aswell in Spring 2013.
9) Project X Zone was shown off aswell with a Summer 2013 release.
10) For people who haven’t got Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time 3D – for a limited time only it’s available to download at a reduced price of £19.99 [Holy crud]
11) Splash or Crash – New Puzzle game releasing 28th February.
12) Code of Princess finally hitting Europe; Online co-op – Releasing Spring 2013.
13) New Inazuma Eleven 3DS games coming out soon – Summer 2013
14) Pokémon X/Y were briefly shown off.
14) Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity coming to Europe! Releasing May 17th 2013. Both downloadable and retail.
15) Animal Crossing New Leaf releasing June 14th 2013. Both downloadable and retail.
16) New Mario Vs Donkey Kong game announced for 3DS; Spring 2013 release
17) Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D coming out this Summer on Nintendo 3DS; Video on eShop later today.

Woo lots of nice things coming to 3DS consoles this year
so many nice things to spend money one 😀

Translations talk

well a new page is live on the blog now Wooooo
it was funny how the translation came about as the the public talk about project 1 seemed to suggest we where doing it before anything left the group as was planned to be a secret

hope everyone likes the new page and allows them to follow on the progress




Wow best i start blogging
Did everyone catch Nintendo Direct Yesterday, certainly was a blast of amazing things to come from the WiiU system, and hopefully we will get a 3DS Direct soon with similar amazing prospects

Hopefully people wont miss out on the Famicom Promotion on the WiiU, 6 deals on VC games for cheap price of 30cents/30pence each and a new one every month, but only 1 at a time will ever be available on the e-shop

im amazed at how many views this blog gets and thank everyone who visits

if you think any extra Information could be added or new sections for the blog that would help anyone let me know and i will see that i can do

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e-shop is up to date guys, 237 3DS roms information in the database, Digimon Translation Project Progressing

Welcome to the Blog

Hi guys

Welcome to the blog for all the info ;D

ive moved the info that was here to its own page so i can post changes i make here now
Find Flashcard Info on the link Below

Just added all the info for the EUR e-shop this week (Thursday the 17th January 2013)

any information you think would be helpful or handy for other users just leave me a comment

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