3DS Flashcards working on 3DS


Latest version available: 9.5.0-22E/U/J

Flashing cards is always a risk if bad builds or fakes, please be careful when re-flashing as you can kill you card

(Last working version number) Flashcard Name (website) – update information for latest 3DS update

Flashcards Working:
(9.5.0-22) SKY3DS (sky3ds.com)

Flashcards Blocked:
(9.2.0-21) Gateway Red (gateway-3ds.com)
(4.5.0-10) R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe (R4ids.cn)
(4.5.0-10) 3DSLink (3dslink.com)
(4.5.0-10) Orange3DS (orange-3ds.com)
(4.5.0-10) MT-card (mt-card.com)

Flashcards Unknown latest Firmware Status:
all known

Trusted Gateway Seller:


3 thoughts on “3DS Flashcards working on 3DS

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