3DS 5.0.0-11 released

new 3DS update out
Pages will be updated frequently  about info on carts. main carts covered already though

Kind Regards


6 thoughts on “3DS 5.0.0-11 released

      1. Dennis

        Pong, I just took a look at the list and i think i am safe to update, but I want to contribute in return with a couple of pics of my r4itt new 3ds purple colored (www.r4itt.net) how can I get these to you? Thanks

      2. pong20302000 Post author

        if you card is the R4itt.net looking like this one

        it does not work on 5.0.0-11, only there new RTS card does according to reports from people and there site

      3. Dennis

        That was a close one…. almost updated it. Thanks for clarifying this for me BEFORE updating lol

      4. pong20302000 Post author

        thats ok, its the problem when so many teams have so many names really close, annoying some have also released some now with the same name but 2013 at the front so it looks exactly the same but have changed the internal hardware but people not reading carefully will have there card blocked

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