Wow best i start blogging
Did everyone catch Nintendo Direct Yesterday, certainly was a blast of amazing things to come from the WiiU system, and hopefully we will get a 3DS Direct soon with similar amazing prospects

Hopefully people wont miss out on the Famicom Promotion on the WiiU, 6 deals on VC games for cheap price of 30cents/30pence each and a new one every month, but only 1 at a time will ever be available on the e-shop

im amazed at how many views this blog gets and thank everyone who visits

if you think any extra Information could be added or new sections for the blog that would help anyone let me know and i will see that i can do

Till Next Time


e-shop is up to date guys, 237 3DS roms information in the database, Digimon Translation Project Progressing

3 thoughts on “BLOG BLOG BLOG :D

    1. pong20302000 Post author

      that is what the flashcard compatibility list is for

      it states the working flashcards & Blocked Flashcard
      but to the left it is stating what Firmware the Flashcard was working on even if is in the blocked list

      all Flashcards pretty much do the same thing on the 3DS
      DS Mode allowing to load .nds files

      some have extra features like Emulators but the DStwo is the only one with a CPU at the moment
      everything else is done be the Kernel and that is the Creators of the card that specify what they want
      so if i did a list like the one in the link they would all be the same apart from the DSTwo


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