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Hi guys

Welcome to the blog for all the info ;D

ive moved the info that was here to its own page so i can post changes i make here now
Find Flashcard Info on the link Below

Just added all the info for the EUR e-shop this week (Thursday the 17th January 2013)

any information you think would be helpful or handy for other users just leave me a comment

Kind Regards


46 thoughts on “Welcome to the Blog

  1. Nemo700

    Well, I don’t know if I’m just lucky or if I misunderstood something, but I updated 2 r4igold (rev C) from r4ids.cn on the day the update was released… and both went fine.
    They both were on “metroid” icon, 1 that I had previously updated myself from the “dorasu” icon, and 1 I received with “metroid” (but might have been updated by seller as their website claims to apply latest update before shipping)
    I used the “NDSi” file, directly on my 3DS
    The only thnig special about my 3DS is that I haven’t updated it since… Mario Kart 7 (I mainly use it with NDS games)

    1. pong20302000 Post author

      it is slightly unknown why people are having troubles, i myself had no problems either, i updated on a DS Phat.
      hopefully the team will inform people of what has happened.
      i assume myself it is all to do with the system you are updating it on.

  2. JP

    I tried updating using a DS Phat but it says:
    press KEY_A to try to begin the update process, it just say’s “FAIL”

    Using a R4i LL New 3DS (ndsill.net)
    Might it be their patch? Know any workaround for it mate?

    1. pong20302000 Post author


      so are you copying both the .nds files inside the archive onto the root of the SD card
      i believe NDSiLL_3DS45_NDSi145_Patch_NDSi.nds is the one that works.
      the other file is if you are booting the firmware on another card first because it has been bricked
      the name of the file has nothing to do with what it is flashed on but try both of them until you find that one that words

      the text file inside says this, but it is bad English

      1. JP

        Yes mate, really weird though. Their previous update was fine, but for the 4.5-10/1.45 update, I can’t say the same. And I can’t contact them since their e-mail is missing from their site.

      2. pong20302000 Post author

        they could have newer revisions of the card
        kinda how the r4ids.cn team have done
        its a right pain when they do that and its called exactly the same name

    2. JP

      Thanks, hopefully they release a new patch sooner. Since other r4s available here still don’t have any updates according to the list above.

      1. pong20302000 Post author

        the ones that are in neither list are likely to die soon
        due to most of them have newer cards
        why update an old one when they can sell a new one and make money, sadly thats how alot of the teams have gone

    3. JP

      Heads up mate, I just noticed that ndsill.net removed their latest update. I guess they must have checked that it is not working. Is it possible to use another cards update firmware for that particular flash cart?

  3. Shadow#1

    shouldent it be
    “only appears to work on NDS Phat and NDS Lite”
    people might think oh “Only NDS Phat” “and I have a NDS Lite”

  4. Marc Troy

    @Pong: I’m watching this page with a “detect changes” script. Could you maybe provide an alternative page-url with collapsed comments? It was much easier to “follow” the forum page.

  5. Leandro

    I did two stupid things

    I own a 3DS XL and a NDSi with r4ids.cn and r4sdhc.com as flashcard.

    I did update my 3DS for 4.5.0-10U and my NDSi for 1.4.5U, now I’m tired of this fighting with r4%, anyway for solve my problem can I buy two Supercard DS2?

    1. Leandro

      Anyway, is there any flashcard out there in which I can update without use an external device ? and which one already support 1.4.5U DSi and 4.5.0U 3DS?

      supercard dstwo work for this?

      1. pong20302000 Post author

        yes you can buy a DSTwo and it will work, the flashcards do not alter the device in any way (they just lie to the console saying there a game and pass checks that the console asks for)
        there is but there support is basically none that do that anymore.
        Supercard DSTwo can update if it is blocked but is risky if you dont read the instructions carefully but most people that can follow instructions are fine.
        the DSTwo doesnt always need to have an update flashed so its simply copying a file to the SD card. it is the best card due to compatibly for even new games is very high and that its not long after a console update is released they release an update

  6. Chris W.

    Hey I’m planning on getting a flashcart for my 3DS to play DS games, but there are so many cards and some sites seem to be a scam. Also, it seems that even though some cards are on the compatibility list for the newest update, people are still having problems. I’m thinking of getting some kind of r4 cart (since I used to have one for my old DS and it worked great). Can someone recommend me a cart that will definitely absolutely work for the newest update? (My current firmware on my 3DS is 4.2.0-9U and I intend to upgrade it along with the flashcart, when I get it.) Also, can someone recommend me a website to buy it from that is definitely not a scam? Some other information: I have a DS phat, and no other DSes.

    1. Chris W.

      Oops, I just realized that you put your recommendations at the end of the article. I think I’m gonna go with the Supercard DSTwo. It is considerably more expensive than the R4i Gold but it has many, many good features. Can somebody else confirm this as a good choice?

      1. pong20302000 Post author

        you wont find any better than the DSTwo
        its expensive because it has its own CPU built it, it the part your paying for
        it allows the card to emulate an official card 100% so you dont have to worry about it being blocked anytime soon

  7. Fstab

    r4igold wood (r4igold.cc), at least with the metroid icon doesn’t seem to work with the update. I tried literally everything I could think of, with the one linked in this page (which is outdated by the way) and the one they released less than 2 weeks ago on the website. Sent the guy an email, he sent me the same exact link so it obviously didn’t work at all, tells me to just return it and get a new one.

    So before doing anything I’d like to ask, does it work for anyone else? Anyone who has this specific flashcart (r4i gold wood from r4igold.cc)?

    1. pong20302000 Post author

      the link here should be the latest but i will check

      there appears to be a problem upgrading from the Metroid header and the team are working on it
      i had no problems but there trying to find out what has caused the issue

    1. pong20302000 Post author

      thanks for the heads up
      sadly the card doesn’t seem to support the latest 3ds update but they say they are working on it
      least latest DSi 1.4.5 is now supported by them
      ive moved them just to blocked for now and amended there latest version compatibility update info

  8. dACE

    Does anybody know what firmware that comes with New Super Mario Bros 2?

    Would the M3i Zero still work after that update?


  9. Jose M.

    The web of R4iMAX says:
    “Compatible with new ver. 1.4.4 on dsi and dsi xl and 4.5.0-10 on 3ds
    Maximum compatibility with games, Maximum update (Dual Core)
    The new R4iMax are compatible with 3ds/3ds xl with firm. 4.5.0-10”

    1. pong20302000 Post author

      they are saying they have released newer versions of the card that contains the update but people currently with the cards cannot update as they have not released it

  10. Johnb

    Today I bought the normal 3ds and updated it to latest version, and did the same to my acekard 2i. But it doesn’t work because I did the update of acekard after the update of the 3ds.. Is there any way to revert my updates or did I kill my card ? If so, what card am I recommended, one that does, in fact, run roms. Thank you 🙂

    1. pong20302000 Post author

      as the compatibility list states the Acekard2i does not work on the 3DS since update 4.3.0-9, 2 updates ago
      so once you updated your console your card was blocked and unlikely to see an update
      you cannot downgrade a 3DS Firmware.
      if you read the full post it tell your everything


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